What is levitra used for

As is the case with all the other functions of the body, an erection is dependent on the signals from the brain that transmit commands to start and end. Sometimes the inability to experience an erection could be the result of problems with the nerves that transmit signals from the brain to the penis buy levitra online canada.

Impotence may be a signal unrecognized diabetes or incorrectly matched treatment of this disease. Diabetics who do not control the level of sugar in his blood, may get nerve disease (neuropathy). Most often damaged limb nerves, such as the hands and feet. But genital nerves may also be damaged.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes, digestive tract and kidneys, about half of diabetics have some form of nerve disease. They are more common among the elderly, people who are overweight and those who suffer from high blood pressure.

In addition to diabetes, which is now very common in the United States, there are other, more rare, the disease, which can affect the nervous system and cause erectile dysfunction.

"I met many patients with HIV who suffer from erectile dysfunction associated with neurological disorders," - said Dr. Sharlip. "The virus causes neuropathy, but are themselves antiviral agents also cause neurological disease."

Multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury are diseases of the nervous system and can lead to impotence, although it is not one of the main symptoms of these diseases.

Sometimes men who abuse alcohol and drugs that depress the central nervous system, can detect at the inability to achieve an erection.

Approximately 90% of the causes of impotence are physical. But erectile dysfunction also can cause psychological problems such as stress or fear of possible failure. Men with erectile dysfunction caused largely psychological problems can experience a normal erection, but not when it will be necessary for them.

The classic test for determining the origin of psychological or physical reasons ipotentsii is monitoring "night spontaneous erections." To this end the evening relaxing around the penis wound paper tape. If in the morning she is torn, then, most likely, it was the night erection, and impotence is psychological in nature.

If the problem is psychological, it is necessary to treat depression or fear, underlying problems.