Weight loss should be gradual

Hard protein diets lead to shortage in this state starts to accumulate in the tissue fluid. If, for example, to use a diet of nothing but vegetables, fruits, buckwheat, kefir due to reduced revenues from food proteins violated their absorption into the bloodstream. The result is swelling on the face and legs. Loss of minerals and nutrient deficiencies resulting in malfunction of the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine systems orlistat recall.

It is only short-range effects of the emergency weight loss. In the future, most likely the person will get a lot of unpleasant diseases, among which are not excluded and oncopathology (see. How cancer arises and how to avoid cancer). Recovery vaunted rapid methods can take more than a year! People 50 years and older is definitely not engage in rapid weight loss, because the metabolism is already undergoing age-related changes, and additional stress could end very badly.

You can not completely refuse to eat

Fasting - a terrible destructive process, fraught with irreversible consequences. For people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, tuberculosis, increased excitability, diabetes complete rejection of food - is a direct path to death.

Complete starvation leads to a decrease in fat reserves only 20% weight loss is due to loss of water, salts and proteins - vital substances.

  • The moment of aggravated all chronic diseases.

  • The person experiences a painful hunger, weakness, dizziness, headache, depressed mood, reduced mental ability and performance.

  • In the language appears plaque, urine starts to smell like acetone, which suggests the development of acidosis.

  • Start losing his hair, nails and exfoliate the skin to fade.

  • The loss of salts leads to a malfunction of the kidneys and the heart, which threatens life-threatening conditions.

  • Weakens muscles, blood circulation, decreases vascular tone and pathologically changed electrolyte balance, leading to fainting and convulsions of the limbs.

  • The loss of half of the body protein is fatal!

And those who managed to survive, should be prepared for serious diseases, including cancer, who will inevitably develop as a result of immunosuppression.

Other important rules

Excluded of mono (only one product), and the power, suggesting the complete exclusion of certain groups of substances from food (nutrients).

You can not strive for unattainable weight indicators and you should always consider your own physiology. The man with the growth of 180 cm and weighing 50 kg would have an unhealthy appearance and internal problems. Everything should be proportional and commensurate.

Acceptable weight loss - 4 kg per month and no more than 1 kg per week.

Be sure to combine the correction of nutrition and physical activity. It is impossible to significantly reduce caloric intake, but you can burn more calories than you consume with food by physical exercise.

Control of the state of health - during the struggle with being overweight, be sure to monitor the state of health: for tests, to measure blood pressure, cardiogram and do listen to him, not missing the alarm bells.

Drinking regime - limiting himself in calories, can not be restricted in the water. It displays the body of water products of fat breakdown. Daily rate: 2-2.5 liters per day.

If the weight loss period, sharply deteriorated health condition, decreased physical and mental performance - should consult a doctor.