Treatment of androgenic alopecia with Propecia

Alopecia - an unpleasant cosmetic defect that is difficult enough to hide from others. There are several reasons for increased hair loss, however, the most common of them - androgenic alopecia this website buy propecia online. This hormonal disease in which content increases the "male" hormones (androgens), or enhanced sensitivity to them of skin cells.

As already mentioned, it is the hormones that are necessary for normal body function and development of his "male" type.

It is because of androgen in men:

  • More developed muscles than women;

  • A gruff voice;

  • Not developed breasts;

  • Certain hair distribution - the presence of a beard, sideburns, chest hair, etc.

In small amounts, these hormones are present in the female body. They are involved in maintaining normal levels of blood sugar, regulate the estrogen (the "female" hormone), and perform a number of other metabolic functions. Androgens are conventionally divided into the strengths and weaknesses.

The first group refers testosterone. His weakened analogue is dehydroepiandrosterone. In the development of androgenic alopecia are significant both hormone.

Currently, there are the following risk factors, which play a role in the development of androgenetic alopecia:

Male sex - it is known that this hormonal disease occurs in men is 4 times thicket than that of the fairer sex;

Age - after 50 years, suffering from androgenetic alopecia, every second man and every fourth woman;

Heredity - if the family observed the disease or unexplained hair loss is one of the relatives, the likelihood of developing this disease in subsequent generations about 70-80%;

Hormonal stress - hormonal reorganization may cause androgenetic alopecia in some patients. These states include: pregnancy; administration of drugs containing the male sex hormones; testosterone stimulant use (as doping), etc. This is the most common cause of androgenetic alopecia in men;

The manifestations of this disease are somewhat different, depending on gender, severity of symptoms and the presence of additional features. However, there is a characteristic feature that lets you know androgenic alopecia - hair only affects the frontal and parietal regions of the head. These areas of the skin more sensitive to male hormones.

It should be noted that it is extremely long, expensive and time-consuming process. Androgenic alopecia is difficult to treat, so please follow the appointment of a dermatologist and use necessary drugs regularly. Unreasonable breaks or misuse of drugs will make treatment useless.