Risk of breast cancer buy Nolvadex

Risk Factor - Any condition that increases the probability of occurrence of the disease in a given individual. Different types of cancers are associated with different risk factors. However, the mere presence of one or even several risk factors for breast cancer tamoxifen side effects fatigue does not automatically mean that a woman is ill them. Some women with a number of risk factors, and cancer is not developed, while most visible risk of breast cancer patients are no factors.

Women who have undergone previous life in a cancer of the mammary glands, have a higher (3-4 times) the risk of a new cancer (previously non-cured) in the other breast or in another area of the same breast. It is not previously transferred recurrent tumor.

Aging. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age. Almost 77% of cases detected annually age of cases is more than 50 years of breast cancer, and half of them are aged 65 years and older.

Think of the figures: for women aged 40 to 49 years, the risk of developing breast cancer is 1:68. In the age group 50-59 years, the risk increases to 1:37.

Family history of breast cancer. Breast cancer in mother, sister or daughter (first degree relatives) increases the risk of developing them. The risk is further enhanced if the cancer is detected at the relative to the menopause and both breasts involved. The presence of cancer one of the closest relatives increases the risk about doubled, from two - about five times. The presence of a woman's blood male relative who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it also increases the risk of cancer breast.

Genetic factors. The risk is increased in carriers of the modified forms of either of the two genes associated with "family form" of breast cancer - BRCA1 or BRCA2. The woman with a hereditary mutation in any of these genes on the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is 80%.

Neoplasms of the mammary gland. A history of biopsy confirmed these atypical hyperplasia (ductal or lobular) increases the risk of breast cancer by 4-5 times.

Slightly increased risk

Breast cancer in distant relatives. This includes cases of cancer among relatives is not first-degree relatives (grandmother, aunt, cousins).

Variations in the results of previous biopsies. If the biopsy results ever pointed out the presence of any of the following offenses: slozhnokomponentnye fibroadenoma, neatipicheskaya hyperplasia, sclerosing adenosis, papilloma single, the risk is slightly increased.

Age at first birth. If the first birth took place in the age of 30, it increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

Early onset of menstruation. The risk increases if menarche occurred before 12 years of age.

Late menopause. The risk of breast cancer with higher after menopause is 55 years.

Overweight. Being overweight (especially if the excess fat deposited around the waist) with overly crowded caloric and fat diet increases the risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause.