Power and sex buy

Power and sex, the two essential functions of the human body, is very closely linked. This relationship is multifaceted: firstly, on the effect of nutrients in the overall chain of exchange on the sexual function of men and women, and secondly, - for the positive effects on sexual excitability partners a pleasant smell and taste of food, the aesthetic tableware, warm conversation and intimacy for a meal men impotency.

Considerable importance in sexual life is the quality of food, while it is receiving amount. It turns out that everything in nature is so extraordinary it is advisable that the flora and fauna there is a lot of specific substances according to their biochemical structure purposefully supporting and stimulating potency. Hour food intake and digestion sexual intimacy should not be in close temporal proximity, - one does not contribute to the next. Overeating, obesity not only contribute, but, on the contrary, interfere with sexual activity, quenched with sexual function, not to mention the fact that they reduce the attractiveness of the partners.

By understanding the connection of food and sex, humanity has reached a very long time, but unfortunately, the current generation aware of this little and often do not take into account this relationship. To fill this information gap, turn to the "Canon of Medicine of Medicine" great Avicenna (980-1037 g). First of all, Avicenna emphasizes the salutary influence of sexuality on the physical and mental state, and in a special section of the canon called "Useful hand copulation" wrote: "Good mating - one that takes place at the right time and which is followed by removal of toxins, body relief and body preparation for further development. Sometimes after copulation go beset the human mind, he gains courage, suppresses excessive anger calms down. Copulation helps melancholy ... and also awakens the appetite for food. "

For foods, restorative potency Avicenna attributed mainly plants rich in vitamins, trace elements and appear hormone-like components, which are contained in them in physical concentrated form. Specific amino acids are part of some animal products. Some of these products and plants are well known to us and is used in the daily diet, but some of them need to acquire special. So, read on at Avicenna: "Drink ... Chinese cinnamon, broad beans, beans and onions with salt. The body strengthens giving effect dishes: meat, fried in a skillet in the oven, on a spit, boiled eggs, turnips, milk, melted butter, white bread and all sorts of cores - cores almond nut, coconut, pistachios, arched onions, leeks, clover. "As for the seeds, the great ancient doctor recommended the seeds of turnips, cabbage, nettle, buttercup, carrot, asparagus, radish, melon and flaxseed, celery seeds, caraway seeds, . sesame, etc. To enhance male power and roots are useful - especially arum roots, orchids, asparagus, artichoke. From root crop specific properties distinguished onion and squill (especially fried), carrots, especially with the addition of ginger. Animals that excite lust - a lizard, lizard, as well as a "daughter of the water": moray, eel, shark. The potency of the exciting properties have and camel milk, eggs and fish, and eggs, but the eggs are particularly useful partridge, pigeon and sparrow eggs. Assist and brains of all animals in the first place - chicken, lamb brains and dinner, eaten with salt. From the fruit of love is particularly useful for the sweet fresh grapes, renewing the blood and stimulates the metabolism. Since ancient times, known for "exciting" the glory of alcoholic beverages, infused with poisonous snakes.

Oddly our twentieth century the rapid development of scientific and technological progress turned a sharp decline in fertility age, lack of population growth, lower life expectancy rates for men (in Russia is 57-59 years), increasing the number of men of reproductive age suffering from impotence. At the same time, increased number of individuals of both sexes suffering from obesity and other types of metabolic disorders. Obesity does not contribute to the culture of intimate relationships, in addition, if a man's belly hangs and closes a member - he has a good chance of impotence. The woman should also be "on high" - to be stately, with a fresh and youthful skin, elastic body.

So again we have to turn to the writings of the founders of Oriental Medicine and recommendations. Rethinking these works, modern doctors create their "diet of love" and treatises on "the power and sensuality," in which the reasons are decrypted eroticizes influence of individual products on male and female sexuality. At the same time all the proposed recipes formulated to a composition proportion of the nutrients included in all categories.

Thus, for example, proteins, particularly animal contain the optimal amino acid composition comprising the hormones and other biologically active substances. At the same time, the sex hormones formed in the body only in sufficient supply of vitamins "reproduction" - vitamin E and vitamin A. These are in excess in animal fats, cod liver, chicken eggs, as well as carrots. B vitamins provide effective conduction of impulses along nerve fibers, which is essential for the process of sexual arousal - they are contained in cereals and legumes, potatoes, dairy products, meat and fish dishes. Vitamin C helps to normalize the circulatory and is used to treat vascular insufficiency genitals. Their main source - citrus, black currant, herbs (especially celery), as well as other fruits and vegetables. Phosphorus contained in seafood are also part of the human sex hormones. I especially recommend the meat trepang, fried in vegetable oil with onions, peppers and garlic. His "sexuality" and the famous shark fin, Sturgeon lived, stretching along the ridge of fish.

At the same time modern herbal medicine and fitoaromatoterapiya accumulated sufficient experience of impact of plants on the love game. And that skin had good flavor, so important to love, nutritionists suggest to spend a day raw foodists (see. Raw food diet). On such a day is recommended to prepare the following dish: 1 kg of raw vegetables, roots and herbs to clean, chop, season with 1-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and eat it throughout the day. From herbs recommended greens raspberries, currants, parsley, dill, celery, etc. On this day, you need to drink a lot -. 2-3 liters of fluid, preferably a weak tea.

Of course, it would be wrong to reduce all the diverse spectrum of human sexuality to the characteristics of the diet. It is known that systematic overeating inhibits sexual function, and a short starvation activates it. In addition, many of the rituals of communication of men and women for the food (coming from ancient times) have not so much physiological as symbolic significance.