Postotpusknoy depression Buy Zoloft

Experts say that the number and nature of such disorders in recent years have changed dramatically - people who are in a bad mood after the holidays become much more. And do such states become longer and more complex, approaching on the symptoms of depression to normal - it's all the same mood swings, apathy, irritability unfounded canadian pharmacy drugstore. Apart from the purely emotional aspects, and it is manifested on the physical level: fatigue, appetite problems, insomnia, headache, lethargy movements.

The reason - a rest?

And more precisely, in the wrong holiday, when people do not have time to recover both physically and mentally. The provisions of the two weeks of rest inhabitants metropolis corny is not enough, as the "normal vacation" (in which a person is completely back to normal), according to psychologists should last at least 20 days, especially if it is associated with travel. The body slowly gets used to the change in the situation and do not immediately switch to the new pace of life and a good rest starts at about the 11th day of vacations. The criterion of adequacy of rest in the first place is the desire to return home. Secondly, during the holidays it is important to do only what you really want - whether it be sightseeing or relaxing on the beach.

Scarecrow work?

The second reason is the reluctance of postotpusknoy depression back in the "gray days" - the work begins to seem uninteresting, unwanted and useless. According to statistics, the dismissal of their own volition in 4 of 5 cases occur just after the holidays. In order not to regret in the future, it is necessary to delay the adoption of this decision at least for a couple of weeks for which you get back in the rhythm of life and understand, so if you really hate the job or you just miss the pleasures of a resort.

Postotpusknoy Symptoms of depression: mood swings, apathy, causeless irritability, nervousness, transitions from indifference to aggression.

Vacation is over, life - continues!

Rest does not end there, where severe everyday life begin - this is not mutually exclusive. All of their free time better to use for the benefit of body and mind: movies, walks, meetings with friends, dancing on the outdoor veranda and just talk heart to heart - everything is available and in the bustle of the big city. The prospects for a wonderful evening time flies by unnoticed, and most importantly - emotionally and physically rise.

Another common mistake is to dive into the rhythm of labor, what is called "the bat". In this case, the body perceives a sharp need to work as coercion and even violence. Do not shoulder the all at once, engaged in planning future cases and solve the current problem overscale. In addition, scientists have long found - during a successful holiday mental human factor is reduced by 20 points, so you need to give yourself time to "wise up" to the previous level.

Do not get hung up on his emotional state, correctly switch to the physical side of the question, because, as you know, "in a healthy body - healthy mind". Observe the daily routine and sleep (get up and go to bed at the same time is until midnight, sleep at least 8 hours), fully and efficiently fed. Sporting load will help to remedy the lack of endorphins, greatly diminished after the holidays.