Hygiene male member use Dapoxetine

Male member of Health. Men's sexual organs are provided with a variety of specific sweat glands, which produce abundantly the secret. Of particular note is the area of ​​the penis head dapoxetine-info.net. At its inception, under the foreskin are glands secreting smegma - a lubricant that prevents sticking together of the foreskin and head. The day produced a few drops of clear liquid with a thin layer covering the head. In addition to lubricants, under the foreskin accumulate remnants of urine.

Sometimes the contents of the prepuce (the space between the foreskin and the head) is seen as a white plaque, with an unpleasant odor. Often this condition is non-compliance with hygiene requirements. Men need the morning and evening to wash bare head with warm water without soap. Better yet, head to wash after every urination to highlight not accumulate. Sometimes the increased formation of lubricant is an individual characteristic of the man, which requires the use of bathing the body with a mild soap (hygiene, vaseline). Soap for washing the head is not used - it dries the mucous membrane. Secretions become noticeable in inflammation of the urinary system - cystitis, prostatitis, urolithiasis. At the same time the urine fall on the head of salt and pus from a patient's body.

Inflammation of the glands themselves head - balanoposthitis. In the coronal sulcus around the base of the head, visible dilated and bloodshot holes glands. At pressing of which can pus. Balanoposthitis cause local infection, as evidenced by an unpleasant odor emissions. Treatment Local: 2-3 times a day bare glans and foreskin immersed for 5 minutes in the middle potassium permanganate solution, and then, not wiping, brush sintomitsinovoy emulsion. The course of treatment 8-10 days.

Rarely balanoposthitis case with general diseases such as diabetes, or infectious mononucleosis. This allocation puruloid and are abundant that the foreskin is literally glued to the head. This condition requires a specific treatment.

Balanoposthitis happens in children, but their head is exposed, making it difficult to care and treatment. For washing the foreskin is pulled slightly forward, holding it with two fingers of both hands around the holes. The resulting cavity is washed with a strong jet of warm water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The same procedure is carried out at a phimosis.

Also balanoposthitis, on the head or the prepuce visible warts - convex formation, similar to the small white or dark warts. Warts are usually a manifestation of viral infection or neglected gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. Sometimes the head glands are enlarged by nature, that is not a pathology. Vain attempts to squeeze out of them lead to pus infection. Therefore, pay special attention to the head of the penis should be, only if something really bothers.

Much less visible on the head clog gland - in the form of rounded formations the size of a millet seed. Their origin is similar to acne on the face. The treatment is not required, but if education becomes subjectively large, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist.