Healthy food is necessary for everyone

According to doctors, poor diet became one of the causes of many diseases - gastritis, stomach ulcers, diabetes, and others. Therefore, in the capital's hospitals, proper nutrition - one of the important points of the fight against disease health.

Nothing fried, fatty, spicy, all meals are balanced and the most useful for recovering the body. Now a number of hospitals, patients have noticed positive changes in nutrition security.

"Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not only tasty, but also satisfying feeling that chefs use good quality products, -. Shares his impressions of the hospital patients -. For lunch we offer yogurts and seasonal fresh fruit, which previously only family in packs drag" and number 8 in the hospital, some patients admitted that they just made at home is not enough time, and lazy, and here and soups, as well as fruits and vegetables, and fish, and milk. - All very well cooked.

However, not all as idealistic picture, the Internet is full of negative and negative reviews. "In health care things got worse at times, for example, take the higher than average Moscow hospital №15 named OM Filatov -. Writes blogger Santa Lucia -. On food per patient daily hospital spends about 339 rubles for this amount, the patients, I tend to get. consistency is extremely questionable content, which is quite different kind of reflexes than your appetite. "

Patient Infectious Clinical Hospital № 2 Maxim Bubnov said: "In the infectious diseases hospital for people with digestive disorders, but does not become easier - after all the meals in the hospital cafeteria is that the state is likely to worse." A. Proschaeva behalf of cancer stay in Russia NN Blokhin Scientific Center describes as follows: "I got a good treatment center I liked it - is highly skilled, advanced diagnostics But the food at the hospital whether it is poor disgusting mush .. that" pile "of patients in the plates, the relevant standards and tested the food only? enemies are trying to. "

The conclusion is clear - all the result of the work depends on the professionalism of the employee concerned, and medicine and food. Are all hospitals can not bring order food? For complaints of hospital clients have been replaced thanks to the doctors and the cooks.