Depression when all is not joy

The first symptom of depression - a bad mood and loss of interest in life buy antidepressants online. From the time of sadness depression characterized by long duration. What seemed interesting and important, it loses its appeal, there is a feeling of guilt, worthlessness, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts.

Often confused with depression, stress. This is a different phenomenon. Stress - a short-term reaction to the physical or psychological effect, which is characterized by physiological changes (stress usually occurs when the alarm reaction, which gives way to exhaustion reaction). Depression can also last for several months. It also happens that depression frequently develops as a result of stress.

Often, the disease manifests itself in physical symptoms, such as insomnia (or, conversely, too long sleep), migraine headaches, constant fatigue or exacerbation of chronic pain. Depression treatment helps treat the associated physical symptoms.

It is characteristic for the disease, and changes in appetite: it may disappear altogether, and can, on the contrary, worsen. Therefore, depression is possible to lose weight, and can, on the contrary, a lot of gain.

If depression is not treated, it will affect the careers and personal lives. Severe form it can be deadly, because People with depression often hesitant to commit suicide.

Depression can happen to anyone, but most of all, perhaps surprisingly, its occurrence affect heredity. If her parents are predisposed, the children also increases the chances. Not long ago, I tried to find an explanation for this Israeli scientists. A series of experiments was conducted on mice, which resulted in the researchers came to the conclusion that depression is "mark" certain genes, which are then inherited. In addition, women are twice as likely as men to plunge into a depression. This is due to changes in hormonal levels in women of childbearing age. As part of the hormones are significant changes that affect all aspects of the condition of the female body, including on the psyche.

The cause of depression - an imbalance in the chemicals group in the body, the so-called neurotransmitters. Imbalance can occur due to trauma, exposure to psychoactive substances (alcohol, drugs), even when changing the climate. In the cold season, the process of production of neurotransmitters in the body is reduced, this explains the large number of suicides in the Nordic countries. The latter case is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). From it affects about 3% of humanity, it is usually "covers" in spring and autumn.

Another common type of depression is postpartum. It occurs in one in four women and can be severe, dragging on for several years. This type of depression is dangerous because in addition to the mother's health is at stake and child health, peace. Sometimes depression in children (about one child out of forty). It can be difficult to diagnose because children often hide depression of sullenness or disobedience.

No blood test, of course, does not reveal depression. The diagnosis of "depression" the doctor put only on those symptoms that describe the patient. Among these physical symptoms, psychological state, the hereditary factor, response to stimuli and duration of the depression to seek help. A careful analysis will help identify the severity and type of depression, and this is an important step in determining treatment. Doctors have developed a series of psychological tests, which are used to diagnose this disease.

An effective way to deal with mild to moderate depression is psychological therapy. It comes down primarily to the conversation with the doctor. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy aims to change the thoughts and behaviors that have caused such a depressed state.