Aspergers syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome is today considered one of the most interesting states of development and the types of perception of reality. In recent years, scientists are increasingly inclined to believe that Asperger Syndrome should not be considered a disease, but a feature of the functioning of the brain buy seroquel online.

Often confused with the syndrome of autism, Asperger syndrome, although there is no mental retardation, which in three cases out of four observed in autism. Therefore, this condition is also called high-functioning autism. It occurs most often described pathology in males (80%). There are many people who have had a similar syndrome: Einstein, Newton, Spielberg, and even Socrates.

The name of the syndrome has received from the Austrian psychiatrist Asperger who observed children with similar mental disorders. Sam doctor called this condition autistic psychopathy (1944). The term "Asperger's syndrome" was introduced by Englishwoman Lorna Wing (1981), who worked as a psychiatrist.

With this syndrome called common developmental disorder, which is congenital and accompanies human life. But the hallmark is high enough capacity for socialization, so Aspi syndrome (so called patients themselves) is considered to be a form of high-functional autism.

Breakdown of the psyche is the perception of the surrounding world, data processing and respect for others. Since autism spectrum disorders it is presented, and the manifestations of Asperger syndrome vary in patients. Pathology refers to the "hidden dysfunction" because the appearance of anyone impossible to determine its presence.

The man with the syndrome Aspi has difficulty in interpreting facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures and facial expressions. Ordinary people simply distinguish the angry tone of gentle voices, correctly interpret the expression (frown - anger, rage, smile - good-natured, and so on). So, let's say, normal people correctly perceive others and, accordingly, is not to react to their behavior.

People with Asperger syndrome find it difficult to interpret the external display and the voice of others, which creates problems in communication and interaction with other people and often causes anxiety, confusion and fear. Patients with ASPI difficult to start a conversation, it's hard to finish it, and choose a topic for conversation. Often use complex phrases and words without understanding their meaning. Also do not understand jokes and metaphors.

Most people with this syndrome have difficulty in establishing and maintaining friendships. These people are characterized by insularity, alienation and indifference. Therefore, these patients are usually children who often are marginalized in society.

People with Aspi did not understand the unwritten "social demands" (can not stand very close to the man or start a conversation on a topic inappropriate). Most patients find the people around them unpredictable, which lead them into confusion. The behavior of people with Aspi side often looks incorrect.

Patients with this syndrome often have a rich imagination, but they are not able to include it in the normal activities as well as the creative aspect. Since such people are to obey the laws of logic. Therefore Aspi patients can not and do not want to understand the emotions of others, are experiencing difficulties in the interpretation of their thoughts, feelings and actions. As a rule, they lose sight of the message, which aired body language and facial expressions.

However, these patients have a tendency to logic games and creative activities is quite limited and is characterized by a strict sequence and repetition. Children with the syndrome Aspi problems of social imagination is clearly manifested in the games that pretend to be or to represent someone. Often, these children prefer a class, which are based on systematic and logic, such as mathematics. And yet, in spite of the difficulty with social imagination of people with Aspi often become writers and artists (Carol Lewis, Van Gogh), musicians (Bob Dylan).