As alcohol is killing our bodies

People who drink spirits "drinks" often ill with stomach cancer welcome.

I like the doctor in daily work and in the days of emergency often have to deal with patients who have a digestive tract disease is associated with frequent use of alcohol.

When taking alcohol into the affected primarily the stomach. The stronger the received "drinks", the sooner the disease develops and the harder it is leaking.

Under the influence of alcohol is undergoing profound changes throughout the glandular apparatus of the alimentary canal. The glands are located in the wall of the stomach, produce gastric juice containing pepsin, hydrochloric acid and various enzymes needed for digestion. Under the influence of irritation they first produce a lot of mucus, and then atrophy.

Digestion becomes defective, the food stagnates or not digested enters the intestine. There gastritis, which, if not eliminate the cause and treat it, can turn into stomach cancer. It is now well established that people who drink spirits "drinks" often ill with stomach cancer than those who drink more than the weak "drinks", or - especially - non-drinking.

Some die-hard drinkers say that after drinking, they feel relieved. This is pure self-deception, caused by paralysis of the centers of attention and self-control. From taking alcohol the patient falls into a state of euphoria and it all, even his own illness, it is in pink color. In fact, alcohol only aggravates the process and brings a tragic denouement.

No one sip of wine does not pass without in order not to cause harm to humans. However, the nature, the possibility of human stupidity, has provided our bodies and powerful protective compensatory mechanism. This explains the fact that people do not die immediately after taking a narcotic poison. But the more this poison, the more frequently used, the weaker are the body's defenses and the more harm to bring alcoholic "drinks".

Repeated intake of alcohol protective and compensatory mechanisms fail, and people completely fall under the alcohol dependence.

Passing through the barrier liver, alcohol adversely affects the liver cells that are killed by its devastating effects. In their place are formed scar, not performing liver functions.

The liver is gradually reduced in size, that is wrinkled, liver, blood vessels are compressed, the blood stagnates in them, the pressure rises in 3-4 times. And if there is a vascular rupture begins bleeding from which patients often die. According to WHO, about 80% of patients die within a year after the first bleeding.