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Everyone knows that good night's sleep - a pledge of good rest and recovery of the body. This is especially important for the child's body, which grows and requires particularly large forces. Alas, the results of numerous studies conducted by WHO, are increasingly show - every day an increasing number of children who sleep poorly

For example, according to a recent poll in the US National Sleep Foundation on 2 out of 3 children under the age of 10 years we have ever had trouble sleeping.

Like everything else in this world, sleep deprivation has negative consequences. Most recently, at the Medical Center Norsvesternskom University (USA) conducted a study among 510 children aged 2 to 5 years. It was found that children who regularly enough sleep during the day behave worse than others.

Other studies have found that students who are poor or insufficient sleep, "lame" achievement in math, reading and other subjects at school. In addition, it was found that children who are often awakened at night are more prone to depression and various fears.

Is there a definite classification of the causes of sleep problems in children?

Of course have. Scientists have identified three broad types of sleep disorders. The first includes insomnia (sleeplessness), and agnosia sleep (7-8 hours a person sleeps, but is not aware of the fact of sleep). The second direction - hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness during the day and at night). And the third - parasomnia (sleepwalking, snogovorenie, incontinence of urine during sleep, teeth grinding).

Children usually observed insomnia and parasomnia.

What does the child snore?

Every tenth child snores, and this, too, there are many reasons. For example, a chronically stuffy nose, enlarged adenoids or tonsils are too big, blocking the nasal passages - all these can cause snoring.

When a person snores, the muscles responsible for opening the upper airway at the back of the throat, relax. The excess tissue on the palate and tongue - a movable appendage between the tonsils - vibrates with each breath. It is this vibration, and creates a sound that we call "snoring". In some children, the airways can be closed in some places by themselves, which again becomes a cause of snoring.

The temple can be quite harmless, but it can also be caused by changes in the child's sleep. In addition, children, innocent-looking children's snoring can become a serious problem - sleep apnea.