Aggressiveness and sex

Aggressiveness and sex. Love must be active - even with one hand. One of the partners is greater than the other, fall in love, caring, declining to reply activity is more active in bed. It should be remembered that any activity contains some degree of aggressiveness erectile dysfunction exercises.

The nature of aggression helps to choose a strong partner whose genes will benefit the further development of the species. In humans, the selection shall be based not only on the purely biological, but also on many other qualities of a future partner. Nevertheless aggression plays an important role in the relationship and in human equality.

It is necessary to separate the aggressive and destructive aggression builds up, which is often referred to as a positive activity. The courtship of the girl by force to opponents or even forcing the girl herself to answering flirting - it is pure aggression, destructive form. Active introduction into the environment of a girl bold actions, the ability and desire to take on a pair of problems - is the activity that is aggressive with a plus sign.

If during the courtship displays of aggression are largely dependent on education, environment, intelligence level, in a more intimate situation, the behavior of boys is almost the same. A man kisses his chosen first, that resists with more or less zeal. Here, a man reveals his activity and his woman - each in accordance with education. Active male and female avoidance in nature - a very necessary thing. While the male fights with rivals, chasing the female, he increases the excitement, created the foundation of the marriage act.

Coquetry woman ignites an active and self-confident man, but it can confuse and alienate an inexperienced skromnika. This too is natural selection elements. In human society there are other, not quite natural values: money, power, social status. Active women who prefer rich men is justified in terms of nature: they unconsciously seek to create a home that guarantees a secured and a full family.

Aggressiveness on the more intimate level is manifested in the more active man in bed. Testosterone - the male sex hormone - sometimes called the hormone of aggression. It actively behave under the influence of this hormone in the male nature of man and society. It is known that after castration animal becomes quiet and calm, sluggish. Testosterone in men is approximately 100 times greater than that of women, but because men's activity is quite obyasnimo.

For many men and women love men's activity is part of the excitement. This man is not only gentle, but insistent. His kindness sometimes forcing a woman excited, inflamed with passion and show their activity. The fight, which in this case is fastened between the partners, can excite both. The controlled use of force and aggression are acceptable at proximity. A strong hug, passionate kiss - signs of growing desires.

Unfortunately, the man is able to get pleasure from causing pain to another or receiving from another pain. No animal is not to hurt the other just for fun: the pain can only be a punishment or a harbinger of death. But there is a distinction between normal sexual aggression and such perversions as sadism and masochism. Perversion - always violence against a partner. Any intimate action is considered normal only if the pleasure for both partners. Conversely, any action can be regarded as a distortion if it is violence against the wishes of one of the partners.